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      Bud Fudder

      I’m doing a bit of research for some fiction I’m working on which is about sentient reptiles, and want to confirm that I have the correct understanding of something.

      Crocodilians (crocodiles and alligators) are cold-blooded which means they generate none (or very little heat internally). That means they rely on external sources to warm them – hence lizards basking in the sun, for example.

      That would also mean that coverings (such as blankets, warm jackets, etc.) would not help such an animal stay warm in the same way that they would help us (or any other warm-blooded animal).

      So if a sentient reptile wanted to explore somewhere that was extremely cold, it would do them no good to wear jackets and beanies, etc. However, if they had some sort of clothing that was heated (imagine heating coils going through it, like an electric blanket), that could work, as the external heat source would help keep them at a survivable temperature.

      Is all of the above correct? Thanks in advance.

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