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      1. What does the level of FSH decrease and remain at a relatively low level during days 15-28 of the cycle?
      2. What signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another? <Does it relate to feedback? I really have no idea about these two questions. > Hope you can give me some hints, so i can think it in a right way. Thanks.

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      please refer to this URL … cycle.html

      from the pic., we know that what control (make our body to stop producing FSH) is the occurence of LH.

      this is the hint
      hypotalamus, GnRH (FSH-RF and LH-RF), and homeostasis.

      if you feel hard to find some on net, maybe this will help (^_^), i hope. … ology.html

      signal>> in the absence of pregnancy… acctually it refer to the productivity of the certain hormone. hint: the hormone produced by corpus luteum.
      hope this help (^_^)

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