Definition of receptor and enzyme inhibitor assays

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      In our assignment, we were asked to explain the difference between "a receptor assay and an enzyme inhibitor assay".

      My problem is that I have difficulty identifying and defining the assays in question. For receptor assay, I understand that there are examples like progesterone receptor assay and estrogen receptor assay, and that they are for the testing of the presence of a receptor and its amount. So they are also ligand binding assay (LBA) right? Since by definition (from wikipedia), LBA "is an assay, or an analytic procedure, whose procedure or method relies on the binding of ligand molecules to receptors, antibodies or other macromolecules."

      For enzyme inhibitor assay, my classmate said that it is used to test the function of an enzyme by inhibiting it and see what goes wrong. My doubt is that I have seen both terms, "enzyme inhibitor assay" and "enzyme inhibition assay" during my web search and I am wondering if they are the same thing. I saw in one paper that an enzyme inhibition assay was used to detect antibodies, which is different from what my classmate said so I am confused.

      My guess is that maybe the difference, the answer our teacher is expecting, is that the techniques used is different, one centers on receptors while the other on inhibitors (but really, they’re bind to each other), but they can both be applied to something similar.

      Would anybody mind sharing some ideas or shading light on this?

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