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      Deformed Squirrel? Mange? Disease?
      I hope somebody can answer this question. I’ve got a question about a squirrel I caught on camera yesterday. The closest thing I came to on Google was "notoedric mange", and learned it can kill animals if they lose enough hair, but after looking at the photos, it doesn’t quite seem to be what was ailing this particular squirrel.

      I’m seeking the identification of this genetic deformity or disease (if it is a disease, is it contagious to other animals?) A form of mange (parasitic?)

      This squirrel was bare across its shoulders of hair, and had what appeared to be some kind of growth(s), several growths hanging across and down, from it’s shoulder.

      I’ve never seen anything like this on any squirrels.
      I’ve uploaded some images to Photobucket.
      (about 45 images — from the right, left, back and front of the squirrel), … /squirrel/)
      Can anyone shed some light on this?

      Eagerly awaiting identification of ailment or ailment(s).

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      "Jerry Sparks" <ejspa…> wrote
      I would suspect that this is a larval infection from a nasty fly. In these parts (i.e., eastern Kentucky) we refer to these larval forms as a "Wolfworm". I have seen this many times in skunks, rabbits, cats, and other small mammals in the area. Check out this web site for further info.

      I hope this helps.

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