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      Hello biologists!
      It’s Ellie again, working away at the extra study questions for my biochem course. I’m stuck again and was hoping someone could offer some assistance.

      here is the question:

      does the value of G’ (or G) tell you anything about (a) the rate at which a rxn occurs or (b) the pathway by which the final product is formed?

      Here’s what i was thinking:
      the value of G tells you which direction the reaction will occur. Negative rxns proceed forward & are spontaneous.Positive are not spontaneous & likely will not happen. As for the part (b), I can’t seem to find that in the text book.

      How many pathways are there and what are the different pathways?

      Let me know what you know! Thanks everyone!

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      so, what’s your answer for a?

      b) you mean how many pathways are in the body in total?
      I guess, if you knew the Gs of respective pathways, you could guess, which one will be favored

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