Detect influenza in saliva

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      Hey, I’m not that good in biology so I’m asking you. Nearly hundred students of our campus have gotten an influenza with the same symptoms from one day to another. Mainly vomiting and fever have been the indications. I don’t want to play doctor but I’m just curious. Is it possible to find out, what the cause of this mini-epidemic was ? Is it possible, to use saliva from people who still suffer under the influenza and grow cultures in a laboratory? Are the viruses or bacterias even present in the saliva and numerous enough to detect them?
      How dangerous would it be, to grow such cultures, in terms of reinfection when working with them? It would be nice to get a fast feedback, because the number of infected people is decreasing 😉

      Thank you!

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      Reflectometric detection of influenza virus in human saliva using nanoimprint lithography-based flexible two-dimensional photonic crystal biosensor

      Protecting the human body from viral infections is extremely important for maintaining human health. To prevent viral infections, early diagnosis is important. Moreover, the diagnosis must also be non-invasive and non-painful. Hence, for development of novel analytical systems for protecting from viral infections, non-invasive biosensing devices with high sensitivity and high throughput are effective analytical systems that can be conveniently used to make a diagnosis. For establishment of novel analytical systems, photonic crystal (PC) can be used to observe nanometer-sized periodic structures, and their structural color can be used to realize on-site non-invasive biosensor. In this study, we have demonstrated the reflectometric detection of influenza virus in human saliva using antibody-immobilized flexible nanoimprint lithography (NIL)-based two-dimensional (2D)-PC biosensor. As a result, using antibody-immobilized 2D-PC biosensor, reflection intensity change which related with influenza virus concentrations could be observed. In addition, we could detect the influenza virions present in human saliva (detection limit: 1 ng mL−1). Our approach provides versatile analytical systems for the establishment of novel rapid diagnostic systems of serious viral diseases.

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