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      Is there anything called ‘basic needs’ and ‘luxury needs’ in human life and if so which one drives man from pillar to post or causes tyrannies and tears?

      Does man run after his basic needs or luxury needs the most? How do we define or understand them better? The highly evolved man must look at the life of various animals in the forest, only then he can understand/appreciate the difference between the basic needs and luxury needs.

      Every life has struggle and sorrow, be it an animal in the forest or a man in the village or city. One should be wise in seeing the purpose or ultimate goal in such struggle or sorrow instead of getting trapped in the premises of struggle or sorrow. Do animals live with struggle and sorrow or their life has struggle and sorrow? Which would be the best way to define the animal life?

      The distinction between living with struggle and struggle in life is well understood by all animals except man. They largely never prefer to live a life in struggle and never let their sorrow or sufferings to dictate or dominate their life. Purely it was possible for all animals because they live for their basic needs and they are never after luxury needs. They are always in the territory of their basic needs. They never break the boundaries nor have developed any further needs beyond the basic needs. They do have plenty of struggles in life but they never script their life to be a life of sorrows and sufferings.

      The idea is not to suggest the man to live like animals or be happy and contented just with his food needs alone. Nor interested in suggesting man to cut or limit the luxury needs. The whole purpose is to give a clear picture and perspective about the basic needs and luxury needs and how much turmoil they can cause in our life.

      It is not man’s luxury needs or his gallop towards the same only cause problems. The source of the real problem is that man is yet to understand distinctively about them.

      Many executives in several big corporate do suffer from job insecurity and fear of future. The problem will be acute if they are of younger age group. The truth is that they always superimpose their basic needs on their luxury needs and assume that their luxury needs are their basic needs.

      No one can live without fulfilling the basic needs. Basic needs alone support and facilitate the possibility of life. When the luxury needs has been redefined as basic needs then, he or she has to fulfill it or achieve it. When they fail to do so, frustrations and dejections slowly swallow them or eat them.

      At the hour of crisis, the distinctive wisdom has to be applied and the truth has to be seen or appreciated in totality. Most animals follow such philosophy. During breeding season, nest building and the parental care becomes the basic need of most animals. For the sake of fulfilling the above new role or need, they even forgo eating food and fast during the period. Any new needs if animals include in the kitty of their basic needs, they are totally committed to the cause and are even willing to make maximum sacrifice. In the event of a threat to the young ones, they fight till the end and if they fail, they leave the scene definitely with pain but with the confidence they carry that they have only lost one of their luxury needs. They are alive to meet both their basic and luxury needs.

      Borrow the wisdom from wildlife and make your life happy. Animals are the best examples to follow and best teachers to learn, learn from them you can indeed ‘learn and earn’ your life.

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