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      Hello everybody,

      I’ve started a software project called "dilutionMagic". It is a desktop serial dilution calculator optimized (for now) for serial dilutions on a 96-well plate. Currently it works on Windows. It can do custom dilution steps and non-equal sample volumes. The project is and will remain open source.

      The beta version is operational, but I need user feedback to make it better. Please download the program and try it out at http://www.dilutionmagic.org. You can tell me what you think and what you would like to be improved or added, preferably through the forum

      Please help me make dilutionMagic a swiss army knife for serial dilution calculations.


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      Hello everybody

      dilutionMagic has been updated. A few bugs were spotted and fixed. Mixing mass/volume and molarity units should work now. Each well field also shows the volumes of the stock solution and buffer solution.

      check it out at http://www.dilutionmagic.org/

      your feedback is most welcome!

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