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      I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the paternity test done at home. While I was surfing, I discovered a website called , where you can order a special kit for paternity testing. They deliver it to you at home. You can personally prepare your own samples, and they will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. In five days, you receive the results at home. All the process is done in full confidentiality and the results of the DNA test are promised to be 99.99% precise. I was really surprised with this site and I found this a very smart and very new idea!

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      I have no objection to posts from industry folks. I work in the biotech industry and appreciate online contact with students and researchers. Scientific research can’t progress without the efforts of folks in industry supplying materials. However, this post appears to be duplicitous: "While I was surfing, I discovered a website…" smells like a load of steaming organic fertilizer. If you work for the company, just say you work for the company. Instead of becoming interested in your product, I am put off by your approach.

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      This is spam and treated as it should, the user is banned, and if not for this answer (with an edited link), I would also have removed the post. I remove quite a lot of post with more or less clever hidden design on a daily basis. It is a testament to the mods work that there are not much more of those (yay us :D)
      But as you pointed out, you come from industry, never hid your links with your company and often plug some of their products. But you also brought real answers, external links and expertise to the board. Kevin has been banned, you are one of our VIPers 🙂

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      Thanks Canalon.

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