DNA as data storage

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      Hi everybody,

      I try to prepare a report about DNA. But, I have a question to you about a part of my subject.
      I have to find a reasonable explanation for using of DNA as harddisk (for data storage) at the future.
      In other words, can we storage any data (or knowledge, e.g. mp3, e-book…) onto our
      DNA code (e.g. adenine, guanine…)?
      I have some idea, but I don’t know which are true or false. Our computer harddisks have domains, and we oriented them, applying magnetic field. So, we read data as 1 0 1 0 1 0…
      Can we do the similar things to our DNA? That’s, can we oriented adenine, guanine…, thanks to this way? (I hope, you can suggest a solution way to me. Because, I really need your answer about this subject for continue my report.)
      According to you, can scientist do this? If your answer is yes, how can we do?
      Can anyone explains the solution, briefly or detailed?

      Thanks for your helping.

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      well: a four letter code, like that of DNA, can code for a lot more information than the 1-0 code computers use. So you simply make your DNA with the code you wish to memorize. Also, take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA_computer

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