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      To begin with I have absolutely no idea how anything works here and I hope I’m not making a fool of myself by posting this here.. and I apologise for how vain, ignorant and self absorbed I may come across in this post. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Anyway I have this question that I haven’t been able to get in depth answer to… not just "oh its in your genes"
      – I want to know how? this happens and why?

      Here it comes… since I was born my hair, eye and skin colour has changed dramatically back and forth. (yes I’m aware that these things change throughout your age… but your hair and eyes usually becomes darker?)

      so the thing is: I get very dark brown hair one year, the next year its piping red and then the other year,yes its blonde. โ— It’s like my roots? cant decide what colour they should stick with!
      Same goes with my eyes and my skin.. one year I tan and become very dark, while next year I literally don’t get any colour or even burn.

      please someone just explain this to me.
      – maybe its relevant, but Iยดm 26 years old and started to grow blonde hair again, while I had very dark brown hair 2012 till mid 2013


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      Dear Lina,
      Many things can alter your physical appearance-environmental changes, your diet, vitamin deficiencies, almost anything, really. I don’t think that your DNA can change; it just replicates. Are there any things that you have changed in your diet or environment?

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      I agree with Efralin. You should go to the doctor and get tested. Loss of pigment in hair and skin usually associated with malnutrition…

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      Hey, sorry for late reply but no, not really. I have always been like this, since early age… However can blood sugar be associated with skin pigmentation ?

      Thank you for the reply though, I will make an appointment at doctors to try to figure this out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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