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      I have seen marks denoting the number of nucleotides along the gel which actually denote the molecular weight. But , do the polynucleotides with same number of nucleotides have same molecular wt.always? I think , they would not , as the proportions of A ,T ,G & C would not be the same always.Thus , they will get separated during electrophoresis . So, how can we have a common mark denoting the nucleotide number for such polynucleotides as they would be apart from each other . Can we have only sizewise separation of molecules in electrophoresis? If yes , then ,I think , such polynucleotides may have same mark as the size-difference between them seems to be lesser.


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      The average molecular weight of the four nucleotides is 330 daltons, you can use this average.

      The individual molecular weights are:
      A 313.15
      C 289.13
      G 329.19
      T 304.19

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      Thanks for those individual molecular wt.s ,
      I calculated the diference it is much lesser , but one has to take care that not to increase the voltage to a value that would amplify this diff. , but normally this diff can be neglected.


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