DNA Extraction/Isolation

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      At the end of DNA extraction, heat at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius is applied to Digestion buffer/Proteinase K solution. Then, at the end of DNA Isolation DNA/TE buffer solution is heated to 65 degrees Celsius. Why can’t both reactions be heated at either 55 or 65 degrees Celsius? Why is there a 10 degree increase in temperature during DNA Isolation?

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      I’ve never heated TE buffer with DNA. What step are you talking about?

      You’re adding some enzyme, right? Like RNase. Both heating steps serve to denature and inactive present enzymes.

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      No idea but never heard for dna extraction we must heat it… Whats TE buffer u talking about Tris EDTA Ethylene Diamide Tetra Acetic acid???…According to me For Dna extraction we must carry out process in cold temperate zones…

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