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      Why has nature created dna polymerase such that it cannot initiate chain replication!?

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      Hi. We have a tendency to give DNA polymerase a special status because it is the enzyme replicating DNA. It was also the first enzyme of replication, discovered by Arthur Kornberg. However like major functions in the cells replication is assumed by nanomachines composed of many proteins working together (replisomes?). Initiation is performed by primases which are specialized for this. One could also ask also why primers are RNA and not DNA ? Is it because the initial biological world was RNA working both as an enzyme and information storage ? Then DNA appeared as a special tool to store information ?

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      If dna polymerase could initiate chain replication by itself, it will be a mess situation.

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      DNA polymerase cannot initiate chain replication by itself though… so it’s not even a mess to deal with

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      DNA polymerase (DNAP) is a type of enzyme that is responsible for forming new copies of DNA, in the form of nucleic acid molecules. Nucleic acids are polymers, which are large molecules made up of smaller, repeating units that are chemically connected to one another. DNA is composed of repeating units called nucleotides or nucleotide bases. DNA polymerase is responsible for the process of DNA replication, during which a double-stranded DNA molecule is copied into two identical DNA molecules.


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