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      Hey guys…I am really stuck on this problem question…wondering if anyone could help me out.

      Is make of RNA primers (by primase), which have to be removed and replaced with dNTP’s (by DNA polymerase I) actually wasteful and energetically inefficient process?

      I would say no considering how else is DNA polymerase I going to fill in the gaps of the okazaki fragments?

      I really don’t know how to answer this question…

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      I don’t think, this has anything to do with Okazaki fragments.

      The point is, that DNA Pol needs to continue on some strain, it can’t just start from nothing, that’s, why there are primers 😉
      And their removal is due to no proof-reading capability of the starting enzyme (no matter, whether RNA or DNA polymerase), so in this piece there can be some mutations

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      it is pretty energetically inefficient, but it’s all nature could come up with. Do you have anything better?

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