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      I am currently assessing cell lysis techniques that would be most suitable for my research. To do this I want to test lysis separately from purification. Because of this I need a standard DNA purification method which I can use when I change the lysis method I am testing.

      I would like to use a DNA spin column as my purification standard. However so far I have had no luck finding any companies that sell the DNA spin columns separate from the lysis buffers in their kits.

      Does anyone know where I can buy spin kits seperately? The only ones I have found so far have either been for RNA, to clean up PCR products or to extract DNA from agarose.

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      Some companies are selling their kits in pieces. I know that MoBio does. And I remember reading a protocol on how to make your own columns with silica powder (available at your friendly neighbourhood chemical company, I think they were using Sigma) but I do not remember where. maybe it is worth looking for it?

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