Do different plants have different levels of sucrose?

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      Hi there. I was doing a science fair project and my idea is to do it on how far you can cut a leaf before it dies (you know, will the venation keep it alive or will it not be enough). To do this, I need different plants to test it on. My idea was to judge which plants to use if they had a difference in sucrose (or any kind of sugar for that matter) levels. If anyone has a better idea for how I should judge which plants to use, please let me know. I would love to hear some ideas. Thanks!

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      As a general answer – yes plants contain different levels of sucrose. Hence, why we grow sugarcane and sugar beets to produce sugar.
      I am confused as to why different levels of sucrose would affect the survival of the leaf if the leaf is cut? The sucrose is produced and transported out of the leaf to the remaining parts of the plant.

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