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      Need help answering some questions?

      1)How many polypeptide subunits make-up structure of hemoglobin protein?
      2)What is the atom, from a "heme" group, that binds to oxygen?
      3)How many molecules of hemoglobin does each erythrocyte (RBC) contain?
      4)What is the primary function of hemoglobin?
      5)How many molecules of oxygen can 1 erythrocyte transport?
      6)What are the first seven amino acids in the primary structure of a normal polypeptide of hemoglobin?
      7)What are the first seven amino acids in the structure of a polypeptide that causes sickle-cell disease?
      8)What is the normal (wild-type) triplet for the wild-type hemoglobin DNA?
      9)What is the change in the triplet for the mutant hemoglobin DNA?
      10)What causes the erythrocytes (RBCs) to deform into a sickle-shape?
      11)How is the flow of blood affected by the abnormal sickle-shaped erythrocytes?
      12)What symptoms does this lead to throughout the body?
      13)What advantage do heterozygotes who live in Africa have and how does it work?
      14) What is the primary function of an enzyme?
      15)What are two specific digestive enzymes and thier substrates, other than Amylase?

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      Ok, so that is what you are going to do:
      1-Open your textbook and read it.
      2-Go search on internet for what you haven’t found
      3- If you have some doubts, or if you find answers taht doesn’t make sense, or if you find things that you do not fuly understand, come back here, and tell us. THEN we will help.

      But we won’t do your homework for you.


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