DO you know a applications of microbes in petroleum industry

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      Guys i have to make a 5-10 mins presentation on the topic: Applications of microbes in petroleum industry.

      The problem is I am not been able to find any such application. Google has not been helpful. I could only find some oil spill related thing. I dont want to use that as three people are on the same topic so i dont want to clash with someone.I myself dont know any such application of microbes in petroleum industry.
      SO can you guys lay down a few points(just a jist,im not asking you to do my homework.I just need a few ideas/points,i will elaborate/search on your points myself).
      Or if you can point me to a review/research paper on this topic.
      ANd if you can recall any recent discovery/invention related to this topic,or can give me a link to a pge/website related to this topic, that would be great.

      So again,im not asking you to write down the presentation for me,i just want a few points you may know. Please share your knowledge.

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      I had a quick look it all seems to be to do with dealing with waste and emissions one way or another.

      Google scholar looks like it has a few related articles.

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      Many thanks.

      Ill surely look into that.

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