Does being closer to reality aid survivability

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      I was randomly chatting with someone and said something like ‘being closer to reality aids survival’ and they questioned this and asked what proof did I have. Now on the face of it this seemed obvious to me, like saying thinking you can fly when you can’t will decrease survival chances on the whole. But they were not accepting that was enough and countered with ‘if you take the current population then all that is needed for reproduction is to survive long enough to have children’. They were basically arguing that there was no evolutionary pressure on humans right now. Now I countered with, that is taking a short term view, even if right which I doubt. Imagine the environment changes then immediately being closer to reality is of benefit. But they remained unconvinced.

      So being fitter to survive of course increases survivability. But does being closer to reality lead to being fitter to survive. And are there any studies which could show something like this? To me it just seems obvious, like a truism, but maybe I am missing something. Like for example ok up to point X being closer to reality aids survival but past point X there is no effect? There is of course plenty of delusion on the planet which is often not immediately lethal.

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