does heart ever rest?

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      It is said that the heart start beating in the 4th week after pregnancy in fetus, and that it never stops until death. Does heart ever rest? I have read that heart rests between beats when it is being filled with blood. Perhaps it’s true but I don’t think that heart is ever in complete rest. When the heart is pumping blood, it is in a state of great stress. But while contracting it is doing less work than during pumping of blood.

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      yeah, I think also that heart never ‘rest’, if you define rest is kinda like sleeping. I also think that heart only rest when we also get rest….in peace… 😆

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      No, the heart never rests. But then it doesnt need to. Take a look in any decent textbook for structure of the heart muscle etc.

      It’s not really terribly unique. The diaphragm never really rests either, and there are many sphincters that actually cause great problems if they ever accidentally ‘rest’.

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      If we see diastole it will look like a rest for the heart .the heart need it after systole for nutrition .Idon’t mean it take long rest then it work again , but less than second that what heart needs for its continuation
      the diastolic period is longer than the systolic that means rest is vital for heart

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