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      Believed to have gone extinct in 1936, the thylacine was a large carnivorous marsupial native to Australia. Join me on this episode of Focus on Species as we investigate this incredibly unique animal.

      Do you believe the thylacine still lives in Tasmania or the Australian mainland? Or have we lost this animal to extinction?

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      Perhaps if we exterminated all the non native species in remote parts of Tasmania or the mainland it might reappear, but what the hunting didn’t accomplish the competition with non native predators most probably has.

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      The thylacine was proclaimed to be extinct in 1936 (IUCN 3.1) there has since been no physical evidence to suggest that they are extant, with sightings being unconfirmed and not substantiated by evidence.

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      I loved to fool myself years back that they were still around and actually spent some time searching for them, weeks on end draggin a dead road kill roo around the dirt tracks at night in the 40 mile scrub all to no avail.

      Anyway as you are probably aware they also once inhabited the mainland also.

      If (and that’s a big if) they still actually exist they will be in Tasmania on the west coast, thing is they will be very small isolated populations.

      Must also bear in mind if the numbers are that low genetic diversity becomes an issue and any offspring may be more susceptible to disease.

      So …… I would have to say sadly, no I am afraid the thylacine is long gone, the last one known was in captivity up here in QLD at Fleays park I think it was.

      There have been numerous sightings by very reputable people but also a lot of pranks also, extinct unfortunately means forever but ya never know, bit like the Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) they say that it is extinct but I know otherwise from information I was given they do exist but in very low numbers in a very remote area that I hope has not now become over-run by feral cats, if that is the case they are as good as decimated.

      So that’s another species extinct, somethin to be proud of Australia as we sit up near the top of the list when it comes to species destruction 🙁

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      I am searching about thylacine and result is that thylacine dose live now but some couple of pare but I am not seen in my life ..

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