Eat fish at least twice a week

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      Fish which contains many vitamins and minerals. The American Heart Association has also recommended that people should eat fish at least twice a week because it is source of highly proteins. People should also intake Oily fish at least 2% of their daily calories because it contains omega-3 fats, which can be helpful in preventing heart disease, there is possibility of controlling overweight and cholesterol.The fish oily contains Omega-3 fatty acid. Since they are heart-healthy fats and thus useful in improving the blood platelets cells for better blood flow.

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      and also needed to add, that they are full of heavy metals and other "healthy" substances 😉

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      I can’t eat fish, because I honestly cant stomach it, but I haven’t had any ill effects so far *touch wood*

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      Man, I never realized how healthy this type of "meat" can be. I do love it…i just don’t cook/buy it very much, but would like to eat it when I do dine out or crave fish!! I think because it smells so bad if you cook it in your house!!

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