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      I was wondering if anyone is willing to post a brief and clear description of the Electron Transport System for me? please? I have tried my hardest to understand it out of my Biology book, but, It just isn’t willing to actually sink in. So, if anyone is willing to do this for me, It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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      1) ROLE IN CELLULAR RESPIRATION: you need to realize this is complicated because you are just asking for the last step of respiration. (the preceding ones being glycolysis in the cytosol and the Krebs cycle in the mitochondria.) So in glycolysis electrons (e-) are removed and sent into the mitrochondria. And during the Krebs cycle e- are also removed and sent further into the mitochondria. The protein/enzme NAD+ is the carrier of the e- (specifically Hydrogen e-…) and the NAD+ becomes NADH (<–‘H’ for Hydrogen, and no charge because a ‘+’ and an e- make neutral charge) so the NADH moved to the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) and the e- move off the NAD and enter the chain on a protein (along the inner-membrane of the mitochondria) and after each e- moves along the line of protiens/membrane an ATP is produced and H2O (water) is made…I do’nt know if this confused you or not, but it is very complex, see this web page to help

      Or 2) … ions.html#

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      I remember I already posted a nice figure for this question but where is it? 🙄

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      It is here: about4556.html

      That is a whole different electron transport chain question. I wish people would learn to search the forum before asking questions

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      Yeah, please learn the search function to stop confusing this old doctor 😕 😉

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