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      how does proteolysis activation help regulate enzyme activity?

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      … some enzymes is good at base, some is at acid.
      when a good at base placed at acid… it will decrease its activity..

      mouth>>neutral..some how acid
      the enzymes from mouth cannot work optimal.. and do not used after it.
      so protease…enzyme which catalics the breakdown of protein help to break those enzyme.. and maybe the amino acids from it can be used again later…
      got it?

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      are you asking about proteolytic processing of enzymes?

      For example: Certain enzymes (proteins) function in the lysome. To prevent a certain enzyme from being activated in the wrong place(cytoplasm).. another enzyme will process (or cleave) the lysomal enzyme after it has left the golgi (and while /after it has been traffiked to the lysome.

      Thus proteolytic processing is one way of selctively "activating" certain enymes at the location that they are needed.

      i’m not sure if i’m answering your questions… please let me know if you need additional clarification.

      – KIM

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      Steve Caird

      I’m not sure if your question will be sufficiently answered with my simple answer, but from my interpretation of your question, I would tell you that proteolysis can be employed to digest enzymes (I believe ubiquitin is a "tagging" protein important in this process), thus decreasing the enzyme’s overall effect within a cell. Sorry to tell you that I have no reference. Let me know if that helped, or if I was mistaken. – scaird@nmu.edu

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