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      These two organisms are the oldest known signs of life (3.2 billion years).

      Currently I am reading "Shattering the Myths of Darwinism" by Richard Milton, and after stating the above, he states a timeframe of 600 million years for the first "microorganisms" to appear.

      Debating aside, aren’t Eobacterium and Archaeospheroides microorganisms?

      If not, what are they?

      I am a bit foggy on the history, but am trying to write an Environmental Biology paper covering the topic of the book.

      Thank you!

      Henry Perkins

      Edit: I’d like to retract my statement by adding Isosphaera (dated back 3.8 billion years) to the list of first known signs of life.

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      Yes, they are archeobacteria – microorganisms.

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