Epigenetics (Detection of Methylation)

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      Hey All,
      I am a new member here and i decided to join today as i am having some trouble with my first Semester project as i am first year student. So my group and me, we choose a subject that is new and our main focus was in DNA metyhlation. However, my main focus was in ‘ Detecting DNA Methylation ‘. So far i have found a lot of information and have also researched a lot. But my main problem is structuring all of it. I mean i don’t know where to begin from 😀 As this is a new area, i am having troubles about which is the first step in detecting Methylation. So my main question is:

      Is Sequencing the first step ? And then later on, describing the different methods such as PCR and Bisulfite conversion. Or is Sequencing also a method itself ? If yes then what would be the first step ?

      I hope some of you can help me with this problem, anyways i am looking forward to hear from you.

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