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      im currently a fresh student doing bioinformatics and bio-related stuff, and now im given a assignment in which i have query on.So basically, i was asked to list all the epitopes for the human oxytocin receptor and kisspeptin-receptor and subsequently to use pymol software to colour all the epitopes.

      so how do i locate those epitopes? cause i cant seem to find it anywhere online

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      Well, an Epitope is the part of a receptor or antigen that a antibody attaches to, so I would start by finding a ribbon diagram of the receptors then remember that it is a part that antibodies attach to, I have never used the Pymol software that you are using so, I would guess look to where a antibody may attach. This is the Ribbon diagram of a HA receptor on Viral Envelopes and how to find the Epitopes.

      The Concept is the same.

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