everyVECTOR: collaboration tool for molecular biology

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      Are you tired of expensive vector editing software? Looking for a collaboration tool to help with your molecular biology research?

      Introducing everyVECTOR (http://www.everyvector.com), an intuitive web-based collaborative vector editing tool.

      Key features include:

      * Store your vectors in one place and access them from anywhere.

      * Publish your vectors online or share them with specific collaborators.

      * Work with elegant plasmid visualizations that you can paste directly into your papers or presentations.

      * Run restriction analysis to help your cloning needs.

      Join free at: http://www.everyvector.com

      Designed by biologists for biologists, everyVECTOR’s mission is to help you simplify and accelerate your research through the development of intuitive and elegant tools.

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