Evolution, yoga, and sex – A thought provoking question

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      Hello there,

      New to these forums, probably won’t be around for long, but I wanted to propose this specific evolutionary trend that just came to me. I want to hear what you biologists think.

      Yoga and sex, now you may be thinking, "what the heck is this fool talking about?!" But I promise it will (might is probably a better word) make sense in the end.

      I recently completed a yoga exercise, the first time I had done any yoga in about 5 years. It was definitely reinvigorating, it made me stand tall, and definitely boosted my endorphins and put me in a better mood for at least 6-12 hours after. This got me to thinking, isn’t this feeling similar to a post-sexual encounter with a close partner? Sweating, placing yourself in uncomfortable positions, working hard to keep a perfect posture. Plenty of similarities, minus the partner.

      Digging deeper into this thought, it only makes evolutionary sense that there once was a large selection pressure on those who got a positive reinforcement (e.g. a good feeling) after having sex. This is a well-established fact. Therefore, it also makes sense that our bodies are pre-programmed to feel good after sex. This is also a well-established fact. Therefore, is it reasonable to consider the fact that the contortion, sweat, and maneuvering of the body in yoga, which resembles that of sex, can cause us to have feelings analogous to sex afterwards? If we assumed this to be true, is it also reasonable to assume that many people are subconsciously drawn to yoga (after they have tried it for the first time) because of this feeling that was primitively "designed" for sex? If I were to take this even a step further, could we also argue that, when comparing the feelings one has after masturbation to the feelings one has after yoga, the actual physical climax of a sexual encounter provides a much lower level of satisfaction than the physical acts of contortion, sweating, and maneuvering one’s body with one’s partner during the encounter? Thanks for reading I am just having one of those moments where the thoughts are flowing and I have to let it out.

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      I’m glad you had one of those moments) But how does it all relate to evolution?

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      The reason you feel this way after sex and yoga is because of the Oxytocin release. Yoga is said to be a spiritual connection from the mind, to the body, to the spirit. When you have sex, and then climax… it is the same. This is why people often say an orgasm feels like "heaven".

      Not sure how this lines of with evolution either lol

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      I recently completed a yoga exercise, the first time I had done any yoga in about 5 years.


      Very compelling story. Yoga is great. It releases oxytocin. But you stopped doing it for "about 5 years" because it is so very wonderful.

      I’ll be sure not to start yoga on that deaffirming note.

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