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      How does Exercise prevent heart disease?

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      Exercise don’t prevent from heart attach, but it reduces the chance of getting heart attach. Best Exercise practices are
      1. cycling
      2. swimming
      3. walking rapidly

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      Exercise promotes general good health and reduces obesity. Think about it. The heart is a muscle that actually exercises itself all the time. It’s always working out! But if your other muscles are not adequately exercised, you won’t stay strong. Many persons who don’t exercise get out of breath when they have to do anything strenuous, like walk up a flight of stairs, or run from a mean dog, or whatever. Being short of breath is hard on your heart, because the heart pumps oxygen rich blood from the lungs not only to the rest of the body but to itself as well.

      Persons who don’t exercise might become obese. (although obesity can be caused by other factors apart from exercise) In obese persons the heart has to pump harder or faster to send blood into far more tissue than it was designed for.

      Many different kinds of illness can affect the health of the heart. Persons who exercise are likely to also be more health conscious in other ways. Exercise plus good diet, adequate rest, avoidance of unhealthy practices like drugs, alcohol, too many unneeded medications, and taking care when viruses and infections do come along helps keep a person in general good health, and the person will be more likely not to succumb as easily to serious illnesses that hurt the heart.

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      Mines was so simple, i just make it sure that i take a walk every morning and at least 3x per month on the gym.

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      Exercise is important for overall health and particularly for the cardiovascular system.According to recent research,swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength,endurance, posture and flexibility,all at the same time.Swimming is a low-impact type of exercise that most people can do safely, provided basic precautions are taken.

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