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      Hi there..

      I’ve got lab report due in soon and i have obtained my values but am unsure about something…we had to use a bike and pedal at various levels…then measure our O2 consumption and Co2 production. so say for example for level 2 the heart rate was 105BPM and the C02 production was 2.2% and O2 consumption was 19.0% (these values were obtainted using a douglas bag and analysing it at a computer) and then the gas volume of expired air which was 21.3L…and breaths per minute was 21
      and then we had to measure respiratory freq. how do i calculate that—i thought it was how many breaths were taken in a minute? but then my lab parter came up with a diff value like 1.2 and i’m not sure how she did it? as well as tidal volume which is the volume of a normal breath at rest right?….minute volume is breaths per minute*tidal volume right?….so my question is can someone pls tell me how to calculate

      –respiratory freq.
      –tidal volume
      –oxygen uptake (fraction of oxygen in air and fraction of oxygen in expired air)
      –CO2 output (fraction of CO2 in expired air)…

      thank you heaps!!

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