Exercise, metabolic waste and weight loss

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      I’m no biologist, and have a silly question or two, and am hoping it’s not too rude to post them here…. If I exercise moderately, say cycling at 15 mph for 50 miles, and eat normally, I seem to loose around 8 oz (250 g) by weight each time I do this. The effect doesn’t appear to be immediate however. I generally have to wait a day or two for the effect to become evident. I had not expected the delay. I had thought that the principal waste product would be carbon, expired on the breath almost immediately as CO2; but perhaps this is not the case?

      So my questions are: what are the waste products of this process, and how and when are they expelled from the body?

      Any pointers would be a great help.


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      When you exercise the majority of the weight you lose it going to be water, which is both heavy and constantly moving through your body. It’s lost through your breathing and sweat etc. As far as energy’s concerned your body prefers to use instantly-available energy like sugars and carbohydrates, so unless you’re exercising a lot you won’t eat into what makes up your body’s mass.
      If you’re low on these things or undergoing prolonged activity where metabolism of more complicated molecules can happen you will start burning fats (which are obviously a large part of body mass) and eventually protein. This latter is fine if it’s just protein from food, but when your body approaches starvation is starts digesting the protein in muscle tissue etc. and you start wasting away.
      So you’re correct in thinking CO2 is a waste product, along with water, because whatever the fuel is your body’s respiring using it. Hope this helped.

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      Exercise is the best way to reduce weights. Walking and cycling are the best exercise for the fastest action. And also it will give a better body shape also…. 😯

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      Great information!
      I like this post, I actually want to know something about weight loose issue..
      Thank you for sharing!!

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      The ability of your body to process trash, including toxic trash, is a pervasive factor in your ability to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight. Struggling with this issue activates back-up strategies for dealing with toxic overload that include increasing the number of fat cells and stuffing them with toxins as well as fat.

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      Even though exercise is only a part of the who weight loss tips, it is one of the most important because it not only makes you stay fit and healthy.

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      Water loss will definitely happen during exercise which will also firm up your general muscle tone. Exercise can also have a significant impact on sleep quality.

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      Weight loss with healthy diet, exercise and movement is long-term success. It leads to an optimal supply so that food cravings and desires to avoid junk foods with all the nutrients. Sport and exercise support to lose weight through increased energy consumption and increased muscle mass. This makes it easier to keep the new weight and it looks better.

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      I have been trying to lose weight by exercising but i find that no matter how much i exercise, if i don’t control my diet, i wont lose weight. If i control too much, i’ll start burning the protein from my body. How can we achieve the balance? As i read some articles about exercise, having some sugar before exercise can actually helps to burn fat, is that true?

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