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      Despite being an important branch and a booming subject, Exercise Physiology has not been discussed much here. I have been exercising for a while now and felt the need to study a solid piece on science-related fitness. I happened to read Scott Powers’ Exercise Physiology.
      The book talks about the three principles of training – overload, specificity, and reversibility. These are important for muscle and fitness gains.
      Overload is the concept of a progressive increase in weights/intensity to maintain muscle adaptation for higher gains.
      Specificity is the concept that exercise training is specific to the muscles involved. A training aspect that can be correlated here is mind-muscle coordination.
      Reversibility is the process of loss in fitness gains when weight training is stopped and the overload is removed.

      Fitness is not a destination but a journey, and understanding the science behind it is vital for the long-term.

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      Karl peter

      There is a saying that ‘health is wealth’ meaning that health is the greatest wealth. A person’s physical, mental, emotional and social condition is referred to as good or bad health.
      It is said that God resides in a healthy body, so every person should always maintain good health. Good health makes a person feel good and positive.
      To maintain a healthy mind and body, it is important to always eat clean and healthy food, balance your diet with the right amount of essential minerals, exercise regularly, consume lots of fruits and green vegetables. One should consume, drink plenty of water, sleep early and adequately for 8 hours.
      A healthy body removes all negativity and remains positive and healthy. A healthy diet and lifestyle always keep a person positive, fit and happy. Regularly brushing your teeth twice a day and washing hands before meals keep you healthy.


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