Exercise Physiology

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      Despite being an important branch and a booming subject, Exercise Physiology has not been discussed much here. I have been exercising for a while now and felt the need to study a solid piece on science-related fitness. I happened to read Scott Powers’ Exercise Physiology.
      The book talks about the three principles of training – overload, specificity, and reversibility. These are important for muscle and fitness gains.
      Overload is the concept of a progressive increase in weights/intensity to maintain muscle adaptation for higher gains.
      Specificity is the concept that exercise training is specific to the muscles involved. A training aspect that can be correlated here is mind-muscle coordination.
      Reversibility is the process of loss in fitness gains when weight training is stopped and the overload is removed.

      Fitness is not a destination but a journey, and understanding the science behind it is vital for the long-term.

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