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      In the picture above a couple are shown with their children. Or are they actually their children? Is it possible for them, having green (?) and hazel (?) eyes to get 1 child with blue eyes and 3 children with brown eyes?

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      Eye colour is simply the amount of melanin in the skin. There is a range of strength in the normal human DNA, the basic ‘colour’ is black, when the strongest amount of melanin is being produced. As the strength of this process has grown weaker, less melanin is being produced, so the ‘colour’ appears lighter. Thus we get dark brown, medium brown, light brown; green appears when the brown is very thin, as the outside reflected light (which appears blue) shows through, giving a green effect; grey is the next colour.. The complete absence of brown gives ‘blue’ eyes, which are actually colourless but are reflecting the outside ‘blue’ light. The strength of the melanin effect is governed by the normal human range of strong to weak. You tend to follow your closest next of kin (parents).

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      Eye color is highly heritable for the majority of it is determined by one gene. However, it has a polygenic component, as well as an environmental one.

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      "Eye colour is simply the amount of melanin in the skin."

      So you are saying people with blue eyes have little melanin in their skin? I am confused as to how skin color has anything to do with this. I have a black friend, he is quite dark and he has hazel green eyes. I think this is somewhat rare for black, specially unmixed and darker skinned to have lighter eyes.

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