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      Hello Everybody!

      I am studying at the Vienna University of BA and Economics. Currently, I am working on a student project with CERN on alternative applications for the Diaphragm technique. Our goal is to find further fields of application for this technology in order to bring a high value to a broad range of people and make this existing technology applicable for other markets as well. In order to find new field of application, we are looking for people that might have problems that could be resolved by the technology in question

      The technology’s core benefits that can be used in order to solve a problem are as follows:
      1) very precise fixation of an element
      2) can be fixed and loosened afterwards easily
      3) possible fixation of any shape of the element as well as various elements at the same time

      Do you maybe know any possible field of application where those benefits could be of need? Thank you very much in advance for your help!


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