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      hi, im new to the forum and enlisted to have a question answered as ive googled and googled and have no answers to this almost as if it was a cover up.

      years ago i was watching antiques roadshow and an old medicine book that was found and belonged to aristocrats was opened and read with some text missing, it read like this.

      the fresh figs were boiled then opened up and placed on the patients face with the skin being eaten away on half his face, they were bandaged up onto his face and left there for 4 weeks, when removed the cancer had completely gone.

      this is also briefly talked about in the bible kings 12.10 maybe i cant remember as a cure for cancer.

      ive also read in a recent issue of the health sciences institute that the fig enzme similar to the wobenzym product that tested had an amazing 97% actual remission rate of all cancers and actually cured it although it says they cant use the word cure…

      i was wondering why the fig had to be boiled as said above because i heard that when the figs are injested they are activated at body temp 38.5 degrees.. so in which case it would be as simple as eating fresh figs and the noodle like structure that contains the enzyme, i do hope this answer is answered clearly as if its true and the powers at be have squashed this information il be very angry..

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      even if the enzyme did do that, eating it would not be a very good idea. Your digestive system breaks down all proteins.

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      If it was that easy, wouldn’t cancer be cured already?

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