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      Even very moderate drinking during pregnancy appears to cause subtle but long-lasting damage to the baby, according to a study released yesterday, adding hard and daunting data to recent research that backs the old precautionary advice to abstain.
      The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, found significant learning deficits in the grown offspring of rats that had consumed low levels of alcohol during pregnancy. Those findings in rats followed a study published last month that found that children of mothers who drank, even lightly, during pregnancy grow up measurably smaller than the children of teetotalers.
      "What the data shows is that something equivalent to probably one-and-a-half drinks a day produces increased risk that there could be subtle brain damage which may not become apparent until a child is older," said Daniel Savage, chair-man of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico Medical School and lead author of the rat study.
      Federal health officials estimate that of the 4 million American women who get pregnant each year, more than half a million continue to drink: about 120,000 in the moderate-to-heavy range of seven or more drinks per week, and 400,000 in the light-to-moderate range;

      So, a woman orders a jumbo strawberry margarita at my workplace, but from studies in biology alcohol can harm an unborn child.
      What are the problems in this situation? (if any) who are the affected parties, Possible options open to you including:
      – bring the customer her drink
      – refuse to serve the customer alcohol
      – ask the bartender to make this drink without alcohol
      – show the warning label to the customer – other
      what would be the best option?

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      Check with your manager. It’s not your decision.

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      Is this a real thing or some hypothetical where there is very little science going.

      What happens if your manager forces you to serve the customer, you going to give up your job over it? Probably not right

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      A month or two ago there was a fairly large cohort study of humans that found exactly the opposite…

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