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      Cubes Of Food
      It is proposed that there be a 100x100x100 cube of food particles.

      Spray Foods
      It is proposed that there be heated broth in spray bottle, sprayed directly into mouth for food consumption. Depending on the temperature of the broth, specifications of the spray bottle and where in the mouth the payload of mist is propelled (such as in patterns on the tongue, the soft palate or hard palate), various novel culinary experiences might be possible.


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      I’m not interested in your diet but rather the amount of food that you eat. How do you decide how much food you will consume? How do you draw the line between what you need to eat and what you want to eat? Does anybody feel you only eat the bare minimum of what you need? Has anybody broken a habit of overeating through adherence to your anticonsumption values? How did you do it?

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