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      Well, here in our country.. I believe, our government doesn’t focus much on Science related matters. It’s so saddening that all these cool stuffs that must be one of the priorities of such a state hasn’t received any attention at all. They actually focus on our unstable economy and other matters regarding politics and graft.

      What would be the most possible way for us science practitioners to do in order to recognize that Science and Technology as well should be the main concern of our state nowadays?

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      Well, that actually depends on the changing trends here. As of now, business/management-oriented careers are prioritized and advertised than of focusing on life sciences and applying them to the society. The teaching work-force is also given attention, thus education practitioners majoring education in biological sciences are also favored than those who pursue the B.S. in Biology and the like. (Somewhat our real ka-bio fellows come to the extinction)

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