Futurist Numeric Biology

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      Thanks to digital biology including the study of water memory (H2O) via quantum physics of nanomolecules; it is possible to convert the DNA or RNA of the most dangerous pathogens for humanity or animals such as Ebola, AIDS or COVID19, but also to convert any drug molecule or Intracellular neutralization cofactors in electromagnetic signals recorded in the form of computer software. These software can be put in the form of Androids applications integrated into simple smartphones. The emission of these electromagnetic signals by mobile phones can remotely transfer treatments or, conversely, fatal diseases to humans or animal without the direct presence of real chemical molecules or pathogens in front of living beings. This is a new genomic teleportation technology via electromagnetic signals stored by the coherence domains of water molecules inside living cells and then converted into computer language. This technology still remains as a futuristic project for military use; but there are long-term prospects for the latter to have applications in the civilian medical sector.

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