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      I have a collection of ~1000 human genes which share a common feature and decided it would be useful to collect gene ontology data to look for any commonality, which may indicate function. However I am not having much luck 😥 !

      Does anybody know of a tool that can collect this data for me without having to do it manually, I have found a good site for mouse genes;

      For the MGI site you just paste a list of gene ID’s and it gets all the GO terms for you but I cant find anything similar for human genes.

      If anyone knows of anything please let me know it would help a great deal


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      If I use that site I would have to collect each term individually for each of the genes and then sort them into catagories and groups etc. It could take weeks as some genes can have over ten GO IDs assigned to them. I was hoping there would be one where I could input the full list, like the MGI term finder.

      Thanks anyway

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      noy k

      try search for GOminer

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      The Gene Ontology (GO) project is a collaboration among model organism databases to describe gene products from all organisms using a consistent and computable language. GO produces sets of explicitly defined, structured vocabularies that describe biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components of gene products in both a computer- and human-readable manner. Here we describe key aspects of GO, which, when overlooked, can cause erroneous results, and address how these pitfalls can be avoided.

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