Genetic Crosses, PLEASE HELP!

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      i have a question that i’ve now been trying to think of for a couple of hours, but my text book only explains half of what i need.

      For this, (Corn kernels), the phenotypes and genotypes are: Su = Starchy, su = sugary, R = Purple, r = yellow

      The question is: A cross between two pure breeding (Homozygous) corn plants was set up to produce an F1 generation. Complete:

      PARENTS: Phenotype – …….. X ………
      Genotpye – ………X ……….

      what i don’t understnd, however, is if i use two Hoomozygous dominant parents, or recessive, or 1 of each? because it sayd two pure breeding ones, but i don’t know if that means 2 of the same, or different pure bred corn plants…any suggestions?

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      Pure-breeding is when a two or more plants with a very similar phenotype, that when breed together create offspring that are very similar or identical to the parents.
      So I think you will get the same offspring only when both parens are homozygous dominat or recessive.

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      They probably mean two different plants, otherwise the results wouldn’t be very interesting.

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      I posted your answer at: … 58.htm#145

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