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      I need help on a Genetics DISEASE CHART PLEASE!!

      #= disease
      F= female

      George and Arlean# have Four kids ; Tom#, Sam, Wilma#F, AnnF.
      Tom(#) and a girl SandraF have kids (next generations have no signs of the disease#). AnnF and a guy Mike have a daughter Carla#F.

      1. Does the disorder appear to be caused by a dominant or recessive allele? Explain.
      2. Is the disorder sex linked or autosomal? Explain.
      3. Indicated the name and the genotypes of those individuals you can determine with certainty?
      4. Indicate the name and the possible genotypes of those individuals you cannot determine with certainty?


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      1. recessive, because unaffected parent had affected kid
      2. probably autosomal
      3. [A – healthy; a – ill] George Aa; Arlean aa; Tom aa; Sam Aa; Wilma aa; Ann Aa; Mike Aa; Carla aa
      4. Sandra either Aa or AA

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