genetic engineering

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      Hey- i was hoping if u could give ur opinion on genetic engineering and if u believe that the advantages outweigh any disadavantages? 😀

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      Saludos Royal Ozone-destroyer,

      Why don’t you give us some of your opinions to get us going. Then, we’ll elaborate from what you have to offer.


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      Pros – cures diseases, gives you super powers(probably in the future), makes living better,
      makes food crops grow like weeds, eliminate starvation, eliminate ecological damage

      Cons regarding plants: makes farmers dependent on big companies such as Monsanto who currently owns all genetically modified soybeans, makes weeds grow faster than you can squirt roundup if weeds and crops cross pollinate and exchange genes.

      Cons regarding humans- current technology has risk of killing you, privacy concerns(if you want insurance and they find out you’re a diabetic and a have a high risk of heart attack, or if they find out you’ll only live until tomorrow)……and the number one con

      With drugs the prices they are now, how many bags of cocaine do you think you’ll have to peddle to get genetic engineering treatment?[/b]

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