Getting Bacteria from an OD0.8 to an OD 0.1

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      Hi there,

      Say I have 50mL of bacteria at an OD0.8 and I need to get bacteria to a reading of 0.1..this is what I’ve been doing in the past but just want to confirm that what I’ve been doing in correct.

      So from my 50mL, I took 1mL, spun and then resuspended the pellet in 1mL of PBS. (I now have 1mL of bacteria at OD0.8 in PBS)
      I took 125uL from this and added to 875uL of PBS (OD has gone down 8x now)

      Is this correct–would this now give me 1mL of bacteria at an OD0.1?


      Exp: Incase you want to know why I need at OD0.1 it’s because I want to add a certain about of bacteria to my assay..I know roughly how many are contained in an OD0.1 so from there I can add the correct volume ..

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