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      What’s the primary function of glucose, and what happen if there’s a shortage of glucose during cellular respiration?

      My answer would be the primary function is to provide energy for cellular activities, and if there’s shortage, there will be deficiency in body activities

      Can anyone help me? I did some research and there were too many different answers, I’m not sure which one is right.
      I found some that said primary function is that it’s the source energy for the brain..short term energy storage? shortage of gllucose could lead to low blood sugar level , or the body will start to use the fat resource in the body? Which one is correct, help please

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      glucose can be used immediately for short term energy or it can be stored as glycogen for later use. and yeah, hormones like insulin and glucagon control sugar usage and fat usage. look up those for help. glucose is very important for many activities in the body.

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      if is the level of glucose in blood decresing, muscles start to break down glycogen, liver will start to break down glycogen and formed Glc-phosphate dephosphorylate, so it can be exported (caused by glucagon) and adipose tissues should release fats

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