Glucose concentration in plants

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      Hi, I’m doing a Biology IA lab about canola plants. Is there anyway to measure glucose content in a plant and get results quantitatively? by the way, just so you know I’m in high school so simple explanations would be great!

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      If you’re in high school and are doing biology lab, you should probably find that answer on your own, shouldn’t you?
      The answer depends on how much specifically you want it.

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      maybe you could use fehling’s solution and measure color change using a spectrophotometer? There may or may not be conversions for the measurement you get; you’d have to look it up. Then you could look up the ratio of glucose to monosaccharides for the plant you’re using, and then from those two pieces of information arrive at an answer. It is roundabout, but that’s the best way i can think of to make it quantitative.

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