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      Hello everyone, are you all enjoying ur holiday break?

      I am going to be taking chemistry in college this semester, and I wanted to buy a book that would help me out in chemistry, since I dont think I’m very good at it. 😳

      Do you have any suggestions on what titles I should get? Go ahead and recommend for physical or organic chem or even a book that coveres both. Thanks!

      Also, I want to buy a biology book and I heard that Campbell’s is one of the best. Is that right? If so, could you give me the full name of the book and author or just the ISBN? Also, if you could give the ISBN for Alberts, that would be great too.

      Thanks in advance! 😀

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      These are the books that I most used in my first years of the career in those subjects:

      1. Inorganic Chemistry:

      – Chang, R. Chemistry. 7th Edition.Ed. Mc Graw-Hill (2003).
      – Petrucci, Harwood, Herring. General Chemistry. 8th Edition. Ed. Prentice Hall (2003).

      2. Organic Chemistry:

      – K.P.C. Vollhardt. Organic Chemistry. Ed. Omega (2000).
      – Peterson, W.R. Formulation and nomenclature in Organic Chemistry. Edunsa (1996).

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      Thanks enzyme!

      Does anyone have the ISBN for Campbell’s?

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      the books that i used in my first year (and still use) are:

      1: Biochemistry by Berg et al, 5th edition. ISBN 0-7167-4684-0

      2: Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al, 4th edition. ISBN 0-8153-4072-9

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      Your welcome, KaylethGrey.

      Also, in Inorganic Chemistry I used a book only for solving problems, but I don’t remember the authors (the title is something like: 1000 Inorganic Chemistry problems).

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      If me, even though I haven’t got organic chemie and biochemie..I use these books..
      Organic Chemistry by Harold Hart and friends (written there: Hart-Craine-Hart).

      Harper’s Biochemistry 25th edition. by Robert K.Murray, Victor W.Rodwell and friends.

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