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      I want to know the exact reason on why human’s hair will fall off? Some of the common reason will be due to stress, tiredness etc.

      Is there any context to show what actually caused the hair to fall off? How does the falling of hair actually happens?

      Hope I make sense… 😕

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      Why,Why not

      hello destiny,
      here are a few facts about hair/hair loss: Hair loss affects everyone on some level despite race, gender, or stress level. In other words, we all shed like bears so don’t feel that the problem is individual. Secondly, hair goes through three stages of devolopment: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. the first stage, Anagen lasts around two to eight years. In this stage the hair will push through your hair follicle and into your pore, and at this time the hair follicle grows deeper and deeper into your "dermis",
      a.k.a. your skin. Catagen: This stage lasts around 2-4 weeks. At this point your hair has started to disconnect from your blood flow and begins to loosen. The hair follicle (which is basically the root of your hair) then discintegrates and pushes your hair up. Telogen: This phase lasts around 2-4 months 😯 . during this phase, the hair is still disconnected from bloodflow and doesn’t grow. After this phase ends, a new hair begins to sprout from the hair follicle, thus pushing the old hair out, much like the way our adult teeth push our milk teeth out. after this the cycle repeats on and on. Keep in mind that shedding is a very good thing, because it means that in most cases, new hair is coming, but actual hair loss is a very different thing.

      I know this info is slightly off topic, because it explains more about shedding, not hair loss, but to tell you the truth my friend, hair loss is still being debated about. the most accepted theory is that it is related to hormones. I hope i was of some help to you for understanding shedding and hair loss.

      By the way, here are some pics to help explain everything:


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      hey, cool info. i’ve learned something today. it explains some things.

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      Why,Why not

      Thank you,
      I hope many people prosper from my information.

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      Thanks Why,Why not. That’s a great info.

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      Hair Loss become common problem in many men and women now a days. Not only stress or tensions can cause hair loss problem many others are also fall in the list. i describe here some important causes of Hair Loss..
      1. Genetic Effects
      2. Hormonal imbalance
      3. Excessive seteroids intake
      4. Alcohols
      5. Smoking
      6. Suffer from Chronic dieases such as Diabeties, Thyroid and Cancer
      7. Water deficiency
      8. Use wrong or harsh Hair products such as oil, gel and shampoo etc
      9. Drink Sewage water
      10. Stress or depression
      11. Pollution
      12. Steroid usage

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      Thanks,learn a lot about the hair problem.

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      There are many reasons behind the hair loss problems. The main reasons behind the hair loss problems is depression and stress.

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      Hey,there are many reasons of hair loss. First, endocrine disorder,because hair loss is associated with the increasing of male hormones in the human body. Second, mental, neurological disorder, some young people lose their hair because of suffering a heavy blow and long-term mental stress and melancholy. Third, inheritance, research shows hair loss patients with family history count for 20%. Fourth, immune dysfunction,clinically found that the people of immune system disorder with lupus erythematosus and ulcerative colitis often accompanied with hair loss. Fifth, focal infection,infection caused by fungi, bacteria and virus will lead to thrombus and small vasculitis of local blood vessel, which brings about hair loss of its control scope because blood supply is impaired. Sixth,improper diet and fat metabolism disorder,some young men like eating meat and drinking too much, a lot of cholesterol produced by the body can make excessive sebum, which affects the blood supply of the hair follicle, hinders the normal growth of the hair and causes hair loss.Seventh,blood and renal deficiency.Lastly, the damage of hair,foreign experts say that using tint for a long time can cause hair loss in the next 2 to 20 years. Furthermore, using hair drier frequently also can cause hair loss. But i know there is a product–Biotinyl Tripeptide,which can cure the hair loss effectively
      Hope this will be helpful.

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      Thanks,for share the hair problem i am very worried about my hair fall problem……….

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      Hair Loss is very typically a problem in men and women. Now, everyone age of people not eating a proper healthy diet and also facing many problems like stress.

      What are the common causes of sudden hair loss

      • Thyroid disease
      • Alopecia
      • Stress
      • Use of other medications for treatment like cancer
      • After pregnancy
      • Low Vitamin Level
      • Anaemia
      • Hormones
      • Over styling on hair
      • After recovering from Illness
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